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What Lawyers Ought To Be

The Lesser Law Group is an extraordinary firm of seasoned business and trial lawyers who have come together to practice law in a different way. We represent individuals and businesses of all sizes in business and corporate law, employment and labor, intellectual property, insurance, real estate, and professional practices including professional malpractice.  In all these fields we resolve our clients' disputes, where possible, through negotiation or mediation.  Where the parties can't resolve the matter without litigation, we prosecute or defend their rights zealously in court or arbitration.

What makes us different is our mission of returning to what we think lawyers ought to be:  Committed, above all else, to our clients' success, to keeping legal fees reasonable and affordable, and to improving the communities in which we work and live. The values that drive our firm can be described in a few simple ideas we believe have been lost in an era in which law firms aspire to get bigger every year and mark their success by ever-increasing per-partner profits instead of the success of their clients and the well-being of their communities.  Here they are:

  • We put our clients’ interests first.  The fees are nice, and we each need to make a living, but our greatest reward is happy, loyal clients.
  • We provide every client the highest quality advice and representation, comparable to the best national and regional firms, whether the client is a single mother of five or a Fortune 500 company.  (We are usually representing both at any given time.)
  • We are committed to making the cost of our services reasonable, affordable and predictable. We offer alternatives to the hourly rate for many types of work, and lower fees for small businesses and people of modest incomes.
  • We honor the lawyer’s ethical obligation to serve his/her community.

We go into these ideas in more detail in the About Us page.  We invite you to explore the rest of our site and hope you will contact us to discuss in detail how we can help you or your business succeed.