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Each of us has come to the Lesser Law Group because, after many years of working in some of the country’s largest and most successful firms, we want the opportunity to focus on the basics: helping and protecting our clients, delivering a valuable service, and contributing to the communities in which we live and work. To do that we have created a very different law firm dedicated to the four ideals we outline briefly on the home page.

  • Putting clients’ interests first means that we treat every client’s engagement as a personally rewarding opportunity to help build a career or a business, right a wrong, or resolve a dispute to the client’s satisfaction as quickly and inexpensively as possible. And it’s important to us that each client finds value in our services that’s at least equal to the fees we’ve charged.
  • Providing every client the highest quality advice and representation is another expression of our commitment to restoring the practice of law to the status of a profession, not just a business. Every client is important and deserves the services of a great lawyer when one is needed.
  • Charging reasonable fees, we believe, is truly possible only by discarding the traditional law firm organization and overhead. We don’t have legions of junior attorneys and staff to pay, and we don’t flatter ourselves with elaborate offices or excessive salaries and perks. We include in our group only lawyers with the experience and expertise to solve in a short time a problem that would take a junior lawyer in another firm all day just to research. And we use technology to the fullest.
  • Honoring the lawyer’s obligation to serve his/her community means we represent pro bono those who can’t afford to pay, and we’re active in helping to improve the communities in which we live and work.

Our firm’s different approach begins with who we are. Each of us has been practicing 10 years or more. Our experience includes small engagements requiring great focus and efficiency as well as litigation and business deals with millions – and sometimes billions -- of dollars at stake. Our individual clients know us as passionate advocates who will go the extra mile to champion their cause. Business clients know us as a team of savvy advisors who combine knowledge of the law with an understanding of the business and industry issues they confront every day.

Our different approach continues with how we’ve built our organization. We are big enough, and have the technological resources, to go toe to toe with adversaries at the largest national law firms, to handle most of the legal needs of a substantial company, and to win in litigation with millions of dollars on the line. But we’re small enough to be flexible, responsive and easy to work with. And we take on only as many clients at one time as we can serve well. This approach has enabled us to provide great results – at great value -- in matters large and small.