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What Trial Lawyers Ought To Be:

Tough, Successful, Experienced . . .

Most law firm litigation groups boast how tough they are, tally the millions they've won for clients, and recount their years of experience in trial work. That's all important information to know when choosing a lawyer to represent you or your business in litigation. And our trial lawyers have more than 20 years' experience in the courtroom, have successfully prosecuted or defended cases with millions and occasionally billions of dollars at stake, and are committed to the lawyer's ethical obligation to represent each client with the utmost zeal, tenacity and devotion.

Our trial lawyers have handled litigation and arbitrations in a wide range of areas including: securities fraud, shareholder disputes, contract disputes, real estate, insurance, commercial landlord-tenant, construction, banking, legal, accounting, broker and financial advisor malpractice, employment, rights of privacy, copyright and trademark, and trade secrets.

But here's what most "litigation" firms don't talk about . . .

The staggering cost of lawsuits, and courts' inability to put the client back where he, she or it was before the dispute arose. The truth is, if the claim or dispute can't be settled without filing a lawsuit, the client - whether a plaintiff or defendant - has already lost a great deal. Because even if the lawyer wins a complete victory at trial, the cost of getting there is enormous and is almost never fully recovered. And it's not just the lawyer's fee. For companies it's management distraction, lost productivity, damaged employee morale and, sometimes, harm to business relationships and reputation. For individuals it's the emotional cost of re-living painful events and the time spent on litigation instead of with job and family.

That's why the first words in our group's name are "Dispute Resolution,"  not "Litigation."

Because the way we see it, whether our client has been wronged and deserves compensation or an injunction stopping bad behavior, or is a potential defendant whose company or personal assets need to be protected, we're usually doing our job best when we get the client a reasonable settlement at the lowest possible cost as quickly as possible. That way, the company and its management can get back to pursuing their plans for growth and the individual client gets to go back to his/her job and family. Clients are less likely to feel that the only winners were the lawyers.

So our persistent focus from the outset - even when litigation is or becomes necessary -- will be on how best to resolve the dispute you bring to us on the terms you need as quickly as possible.  Particularly for our business clients, we'd rather be earning our fees providing you valuable business advice and preventive legal strategies to head off the next costly dispute.

When it comes to resolving our clients' disputes, we think that's "what lawyers ought to be."