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Tom Kawaii brings to the firm and its clients a rare combination of experience as both a seasoned trial lawyer and in-house counsel for businesses ranging from dot-coms to Fortune 500 multi-nationals. His results-oriented attitude, focus on client value and zeal for difficult challenges have earned him key roles in many high-stakes business litigation cases during his 18 years of practice. Tom has represented clients in fraud and civil RICO actions involving securities, collateralization, syndication, franchising and other investment and banking issues; antitrust, unfair business practices and consumer fraud class actions; corporate/partnership dissolutions, suits against corporate directors and officers, and other "bet the company" cases. Tom has also handled intellectual property infringement actions involving trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets; and cyber law cases involving defamation, piracy, spamming, e-commerce and other cutting-edge issues related to the Internet.

 Recently Tom has developed a focus on legal malpractice cases arising from failed representations in high-stakes business litigation and high-value corporate/transactional matters. In his most recent law firm association prior to The Lesser Law Group, he worked closely alongside one of the nation's top plaintiffs' legal malpractice lawyers. In his first 12 months at that firm, Tom developed and achieved victories in three difficult legal malpractice cases that resulted in recoveries totaling over $7.2 million.

 Tom graduated from the School of Law of the University of California at Davis in 1991, was admitted to the California Bar that same year, and was licensed as a solicitor (lawyer) in England and Wales several years later. He also has degrees in Rhetoric and in Political Science from U.C. Berkeley, as well as an MSc (MBA) from London Business School at the University of London, where he was an Alfred P. Sloan, Jr. Fellow pursuing studies in venture capital, entrepreneurship and e-commerce. His published appellate cases include Amalgamated Bank v. Superior Court (Corinthian Homes), 149 Cal.App.4th 1003 (2007), and In re Geothermal Resources International, Inc., 93 F.3d 648 (9th Cir. 1996).

 Before becoming a lawyer Tom had careers as a professional auto mechanic and as a serial entrepreneur in the computer industry.